In cooperation with the CPSC Bell Sports, Inc. is voluntarily recalling the Bell Adult Slope Helmet. and the Bell Youth Soquel Helmet.


  • Q: What is the best pump for me?
    If you're inflating your tires at home, a floor pump is the best option. They move the most air and are the most efficient option, not only for bike tires but for sports gear and inflatable toys as well. In addition, they can handle high-pressure inflation jobs that many smaller, portable pumps cannot.

    Foot Pumps provide another option for at-home inflation. Their smaller size makes them easier to store and some people find them easier to use as well.

    Frame pumps provide a quick, simple solution for inflating your tires or fixing a flat on the road or trail. Their small size and light weight makes them easy to mount to your frame or simply carry in your hydration pack or messenger bag.

    No matter what your inflation need is, there’s a reliable Bell pump that’s up to the task.
  • Q: What is the best pump for inflating my bike tires, sports gear and inflatable toys quickly?
  • Q: Which pump should I use for my road or commuter bike?