In cooperation with the CPSC Bell Sports, Inc. is voluntarily recalling the Bell Adult Slope Helmet. and the Bell Youth Soquel Helmet.

Helmet FAQ's

  • Q: Can I get replacement pads?
  • Q: Why won’t a 5+ helmet fit my 5-year old?
  • Q: How long is the helmet good for? Is there an expiration date?
    a. Replace the helmet immediately after one crash.
    b. Replace your helmet immediately if it shows any visible signs of damage.
    c. Bell recommends you replace your helmet every three years, even if you have not crashed.
  • Q: How do I change the fit system?
  • Q: How should I measure to get a good fit for my helmet?
  • Q: Where should I store my helmet?
  • Q: What is the difference between a standard bicycle helmet and a multi-sport helmet?
  • Q: Are bicycle helmets effective in preventing death and head injuries?
  • Q: Does this helmet fit as well as it should?